Aeetes Palace













Restaurant, Bar and banquet hall

          Restaurant, Bar and banquet hall is on the ground floor. Imeretian Restaurant with winter garden is on the forth floor. Restaurant interior is adorned with carved panel of the Argonauts voyage themes; fireplace and live classic music adds the environment for the romantic mood. Banquet hall also offers cozy atmosphere which has cornel brown granite walls with modern artist pictures.
          The Oda, Imeretian house is on the fourth floor. Wooden walls are covered with thin wax skin for the exquisite aroma of the setting. The Oda has adjacent verandah in the style of Imereti yard, with wattle fence, plants, wine vats, fireplace and small traditional tables, and lamp-brackets.
           And last but not least- the kitchen, which offers vast variety of delicious national cuisine as well as continental food. You can order 'Argo', favorite dish on the Argo ship model plate, assortment of fish and beef. The chief attribute in the homeland of wine is the wide range of unique wines, European varieties among them.